Coronavirus (COVID-19) Procedures and Guidelines

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The following information has been compiled for the health, safety and welfare of all of our salon patrons and staff members. These are very trying times for all of us and we all must do our part to stop the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as much as possible. So we ask that you please abide by these procedures and guidelines while visiting our salon.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

We will be implementing the: The 3-S’s Program
1. Screening
2. Spacing
3. Sterilizing



Prescreening Appointments on Phone with a Verbal Inquiry When Making An Appointment

Basic questions will be:

~ Have you traveled outside of the state or country within the last 14 days?

~ Have you experienced any COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, trouble breathing) in the past 14 days?

~ Have you had any contact with anyone with a confirmed or suspected exposure to Covid-19 within the past 14 days?

Prescreen Upon Arrival

When the client arrives for the appointment, conduct a second verbal inquiry (as above) and conduct a visual assessment of the client to ensure the client appears to be healthy.

Visual Assessment
Everyone will have his or her temperature taken with a non-contact thermometer upon arrival to the salon, clients at each visit and stylist every day that they report to work. All results will be kept confidential.

Any person (employee or client) who is feeling ill is asked to please refrain from entering into the salon. Please call to reschedule your appointment; employees are to call in sick.

Anyone who appears to be ill will be asked to please leave the salon, even if you think that your symptoms are allergy related. If you appear to be ill: sneezing, coughing, watery eyes etc, you will be asked to please leave and will not be serviced.

Limited Seating Capacity
David Velasco Salon is a 9 chair operation, however, due to the Coronavirus social distancing mandate, a “Limited Seating Capacity’ rule is in effect and we will only be servicing clients at only 6 styling chairs for the foreseeable future.


Only six stylists and support staff (assistance & receptionist) will be allowed into the salon at any one time. These six stylists will be divided throughout the salon as follows:

• Two stylists in the large room upstairs using chairs at either end of the room
• Two stylists in the loft area, one at either end
• Two stylists down in the downstairs room

Also, DVS will no longer double book clients, which means that you will not need to move to any other chair while your haircolor or perm is processing. If a hairdryer is required for your service, one will be brought to your chair.

Because of this limited seating capacity, we will no longer be able to allow clients to blow-dry their own hair or use shared hair products.

*Specific appointments for blowdry services are available if desired.

Because of limited seating capacity, clients are asked to please refrain from bringing anyone else with them to their appointment unless they also have an appointment at our salon. This includes children. The only exception to this will be clients who may need a Personal Caregiver to accompany them, and as always, no pets allowed at any time.

Social Distancing and Congregating
We don’t want anyone waiting in the reception area, so upon arrival to the salon, please call us from your car and we will notify you when your stylist is ready for you
While in the salon try to stay 6 feet away from other’s as much as possible
No Congregating at the front desk, reception area or anywhere else in the salon

Disinfectant Procedures
All staff members have taken the Barbicide Certification Course on proper sanitation and disinfection practices and procedures consistent with the current highest industry standards. Certificates of completion for this course can be viewed below and at the salon.

All stylists must wash their hands and use hand sanitizer, prior to servicing each new client throughout the day.

All tools are to be disinfected between each client per Barbicide recommendations.

Spray disinfectant (Barbicide) is to be used on the armrest of all chairs between each client.

Spray disinfectant and disposable paper towels will be available in the restroom at all times.

Receptionists and Assistants will be continually disinfecting all hard surfaces and chairs throughout the day and every evening at closing time. This includes: All top surfaces, doorknobs, restroom fixtures, styling chairs, shampoo bowls and back bar, shampoo chairs, color mixing cabinet, reception area seating, coat closet, computer keyboard, mouse, phones etc.

All staff and customers must wear a facemask at all times while in the salon. Everyone is responsible for bringing in his or her own facemask.

Clients getting haircolor may want to bring in two facemask, one disposable for when haircolor is applied and a second for after, as it will be impossible to keep the straps of the facemask clean during a haircolor service.

DVSalon will have disposable facemask for sale at a nominal cost if needed.
(while supplies last)

Protective Shields and Curtains
A Plexiglas protective shield has been installed at the front desk for clients making appointments and paying.

As additional protective measures while getting a shampoo:

• A Plastic curtain has been installed between both sets of shampoo sinks, upstairs & downstairs.

• Handheld Face-shields with protective disposable plastic sleeves will be available to be used during the shampoo service.

Client Gowns (robes), Towels and Styling Capes
Client gowns, which have always been laundered after each use, will now be taken out of the dryer, folded and placed into a sealed plastic bag by a “gloved handed” assistant. The user will be the only one to touch it after it has been laundered.

Clean Towels and Styling Capes are always kept in a closed cabinet until used. Soiled Towels and Styling Capes are put into a closed hamper.

Beverages (water, tea, coffee) and cookies will no longer be served in the salon. However, everyone is allowed to bring in his or her own beverage if desired.

Magazines will no longer be provided; clients may bring their own personal reading material if you wish.

Sanitation Station
There will be complimentary Tissues and Hand Sanitizer for “customer use only” and facemask and disposable gloves for sale at a nominal cost if desired.

Contact us
If anyone sees an area of our salon operation, which he or she feel could pose a health risk of any kind, or if they have any recommendations for a safer environment at our salon, please notify me by email at: david@dvsalon.com or me call: 215-340-9898

Thanks for your help and understanding during this trying time.
David Velasco