What People are Saying About David Velasco Salon


“When I tell my friends that I travel over an hour for a haircut and highlights they say I’m crazy. I tell them to make the trip one time and they’ll understand. The David Velasco Salon is worth the trip! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair.”

Penny L. Mom Cranbury, NJ.


“Before I came to David Velasco for hair coloring I was never satisfied. Either the salon was too harsh or never lasted (it would all blend into one color if it was highlighted). I first heard about David Velasco from another hairdresser and I’ve been coming here for about 8 years. I have never received as many compliments on my hair color since I’ve been coming to David Velasco Salon. In fact my favorite comment was how youthful and healthy my hair looks now.”

Sylvia S. Homemaker


“I came to David after seeing an article in a magazine about haircolor repair at David Velasco Salon. I had been having my hair colored for about a year and noticing that it just wasn’t right- as my mom pointed out over and over again. I came to David and now my hair is me! I get a great cut and the color and it looks like my daughter got her blonde hair from me. David is fabulous! The rest of the staff is so well trained by David that they can step in if I need them to.”

Clair L. Realtor Doylestown, Pa.


“I love my hair! Especially the color! I have been to many, many salons and was never totally content with my haircolor. The first time I came to DVS I was hooked. My color and cut was exactly what I wanted. Lucia is awesome. Everyone here is very helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend DVS for anyone looking to be totally satisfied (more than satisfied; pleasantly surprised) by how great your hair can look.”

Wendy C. Realtor/mom Warrington, Pa


“Well I can’t confess to an amazing makeover (I wish) but the best way to describe my DVS experience is that the search was over. Since moving East 10 years ago, I’ve been to many salons- I never had a horrible experience, I just never found someone who could really cut my hair well. Lucia is that person. And when the grey started to appear, no one ever knew – my color is so natural most people would never guess. Besides being great for their services, DVS is like a family- conversations just pick right up, everyone gets filled in on the latest and it’s a gabfest for an hour or so. You’ll never have to go anywhere else once you discover DVS.- the search will be over.”

Laurie S. Mom/Wife New Hope, Pa.


“Well the atmosphere here is really great. Everyone is very comfortable to be around and they make you feel at home. As soon as you walk in your greeted by a friendly receptionist. My hair before coming was not the color that I wanted because it kept turning gold. Now after the colors I got it was what I always wanted. I will for sure be coming back to David Velasco’s in the future.”

Jessica T. Student Doylestown , Pa


“I love this salon! My experience here has been nothing but the best! From when I walk in the door (always greeted with smiles) to when I’m leaving everyone is so nice and pleasant (seriously) Lucia has always taken the time to in decision making (cut? Layer? bangs? Etc.) And always takes my phone calls. She’s warm, friendly and above all makes me look beautiful! I know I could go elsewhere and pay less(in my range) but because I know how the end result will look, I cut other things so I can continue to come here.”

Carol W. Horsham, Pa.


“What prompted me to come to David Velasco was a comment my little girl said after a highlight at my old salon. She said, ‘Mom, your hair has stripes. You look like a Zebra!’ David took a long time explaining the types of processing you use on hair and why and how the way you apply them makes a big difference in your hair’s ultimate look. Now, I have consistently experienced friends, neighbors, and strangers! Commenting on my hair. They don’t just say that I look good, did I change something? Men and women notice my hair. They just marvel at the beautiful color, the silky texture and the great cut. I have never had people comment on specifically just my hair and it has become my signature. I am known for my gorgeous hair, from my husband’s secretary who always has to touch it –to my neighbors and friends who all ask, ‘Who does you hair?!'”

Bernadette V. Mom & Volunteer Charity Work Doylestown, Pa.


“I had moved to the Doylestown area about 6 years ago, and for at least 1 of those 6 years had been driving all the way to Rochester NY to have my highlights done. Finding a good hair specialist who knows color is very hard! My haircolorist in NY told me to look for a salon who carries Bumble & Bumble products and that I would be fine. Well, I came across a Nouveau magazine for the Bucks Co. area and found an ad for the David Velasco Salon. I was so excited to have found David ; as not only did he carry B&B products in his salon but he was the actual director of color from B&B in NY! For 5 years I have been a regular client of David’s and I cannot even express how happy I am with my hair. He is truly an artist with color and as a result I constantly have people asking me where I have my hair done! For all of the years that I have been getting highlights, David’s work is far superior to any of the others!!”

Shelli F. Homemaker Doylestown, Pa.


“I couldn’t believe it! I was so busy this summer taking care of kids, running etc., I didn’t notice my hair starting to break off. My daughter kept commenting how bad it looked and that I needed to do something about it. I kept throwing it in a scrunchie and running off for another too busy day. One day I ran into David (He had cut/colored my hair years before but I stopped coming because I felt I couldn’t afford it) I started going to a cheapy place to get my highlights done. Once again the old adage, ‘You get what you pay for’ Is true. And I thought, “He can help me with my hair.” I made an appointment; we talked over what was happening. It was starting to fray halfway down my head. I wish he had taken a before and after picture. Really, I can hardly believe the difference; he fixed my coloring, conditioned it, cut off a ton of damaged hair and gave me an adorable shoulder length bouncy haircut. It’s not back to what it used to be but the difference is unbelievable. I’m back to stay. David is truly the Haircolor Specialist. Never again will I try and skimp when it comes to my hair. Thanks, You’re the best!”

Sandi S. Homemaker, Flight Attendant, Mother of 7 Doylestown, Pa.


“Yes I had a bad hair experience before coming to DVS. I wanted blond highlights (natural looking) but got reddish/orange highlights and was unhappy with the results. I first heard about you through Elle magazine and have been a customer for about 4 years. You advertised as an educational salon and I was especially happy when I found that to be true; I had my first consultation for 30 minutes with nothing done to my hair yet they gave me plenty of time and education. Now I am very happy with my hair and the staff. They are very friendly, non-intimidating and a non-threatening experience. Consistently great experiences!”

Mindy S. Executive Director Non-Profit School Philadelphia, Pa.


“I have been coming here for nearly five years for the professionalism and expertise. I leave the salon feeling terrific and loving my color. Keep on doing what you do!”

Gigi K. Homemaker / Mom Doylestown , Pa.


“I had been looking to make a change for a while and a friend saw David’s name and bio in a magazine and suggested we try him. That was 6 years ago almost to the day and I have been extremely happy ever since. David has taken me through many different looks and just last month I decided to brave it and go Short! I love my new short look and so do my friends and family. The first day at work after my cut I received no less than 7 compliments! An added plus is that my new short look is also very easy to maintain. I own a horse farm and ride several horses a day after work and I was struggling to keep a good style and healthy hair. With my new short style I no longer have to worry about the dreaded ‘HAT HAIR’ English riders have when they take off their hard hats. Best of all, I love the way I look! Thanks DVS!”

Nancy B. School Teacher Ottsville, Pa.


“Since I’ve been coming to David Velasco’s Hair Salon I haven’t had a bad hair day since. Before I’d be lucky to have a good hair day even with plenty of time of preparation. Somehow Jamie seems to know how to pull what I had pictured of my hair out of my head, and I am always leaving satisfied. Everybody here is so friendly. It’s such a nice experience to come in and just chat with the people here. After the first visit you can tell the employees get along with each other and they truly enjoy their job.”

Kelly G. Secretary K-teacher Southampton, Pa.


“Heard about D.V.S. by driving by and saw our sign ‘Hair Color Specialist’. Been coming here approx. 3-4 years. I had an amazing makeover with the Bio Ionic Hair Straightening process. Now my hair is much more controllable and manageable.”

Victoria D. Teacher Doylestown, Pa.


“David Velasco Salon was recommended to me by a friend who knew I was frustrated in my search for a good colorist. My natural hair color is gray/white, which evidently is tricky to color. I’ve been coming to David Velasco’s for over a year and am very pleased with my hair color now – it looks natural, not colored. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful, and the stylists are great. I also like the fact that David is always available for consultations, (as when my color was damaged by sun and ocean).”

Shelby G. Teacher Annandale, Nj.


“I originally started coming to D.V.S. when I saw an advertisement for a ‘color specialist’. I made an appointment and over five years later I am still returning.

Not only does David employ very skilled and qualified operators, but they are most accommodating. While they are professional in their business relationships, including telephone reminder calls regarding appointments, they are at the same time both caring and concerned individuals. In one particular instance, I had an appointment for a single process haircoloring. While I left the salon, thinking everything was fine, I noticed about two days later, a small patch of hair was missed in the coloring process. I called the salon and was told to come in at my convenience. When I did, the process was duplicated, free of charge, to my satisfaction. Would I recommend DVS to others? You bet! Hopefully, I’ll be a customer for a long, long time.”

Patricia M. Homemaker Jamison, Pa.


“I have been coming here for a few years and I have never left dissatisfied. My mom has been coming here for many years and introduced me to the salon. My hair always looks healthier and my style is always made so I can manage. It is easier then other styles but it always looks amazing. I would recommend this salon to anyone – which I have already done.”

Renee D. Student Furlong, Pa.


“After 3 years of coming to DVS I still get stopped on the street and asked ‘Who is your hairdresser? I love your color!”

Lydia H. Accountant Warminster, Pa.


“I’ve been a client for 5 years and found the salon from a recommendation as part of an association of salons. I had a bad experience at another local salon and literally walked in off the street, talked to a stylist, and have been a satisfied customer ever since!

Reasons for being a happy customer:

1. Great haircuts! 2. Wonderful haircolor consultants and great products 3. Warm, friendly atmosphere that makes me feel at home. I have never felt as comfortable in any other salon – who would have thought that the best place to get ones hair cut would be in Doylestown, Pa.!

Keep it up D.V.S. Ltd. You’re Great!”

Geri B. Education/Consultant Doylestown, Pa.


“Before coming to D.V.S. Ltd., Thad had been using another salon in Doylestown.

I have, what is a fairly simple, single-process hair color treatment performed. I had been having my mom do my hair for years – as she had been doing her own forever. I was always happy with the results. Unfortunately, my mother passed away from cancer three years ago. Finding a new colorist was the last thing on my mind but eventually it had to be done. When I went to my previous salon the first time, my hair seemed O.K. But after subsequent visits, my color was noticeably orange and brassy. My colorist tried to change the formula at least twice and still I was never happy. My boyfriend ended up getting me a gift certificate here at DVS and after working with Jamie just once, she nailed the color I wanted and just did an overall great job. It’s been almost a year that I’ve been coming and I’ve never been dissatisfied with my color, service or the great products DVS uses. Thanks!”

Kelly L. S. Environmental Engineer/Musician Doylestown, Pa.


“I started coming to D.V.S. Ltd. two years ago. The coloring of my hair was important to me. David and Amy consulted on the best product for my hair color. The results were great. The staff are very professional and respectful to their clients. The salon has unique characteristics. It is a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere to be in.

The coloring of my hair has never been better. Thank You!”

Debbie T. Self Employed Doylestown, Pa.


“I I have been coming to DVS for five years. He can create any look I want!”

Joan B. CEO Kintnersville, Pa.


“For the first time in 10 years I’ve found a salon I can confidently go to each month and have no hassles or anxiety over the results.

I leave knowing my money was spent well after the frustrations I’ve had so many times before in shelling out more money for fix-ups or toners to be applied days later.

My hair had become so damaged from over processing. David brought back the health it so desperately needed, and also gave me the color I was always looking for. Thank You!”

Lorene M. Doylestown, Pa.


“My hair is gray, hard to color, but David does a great job. Nice salon. Would highly recommend.”

Eva J. Physician Richboro, Pa.


“I had several ‘bad’ hair experiences before coming here; from uneven haircuts that looked like a child cut my hair to ‘over processed’ burned hair from a bad perm. A friend referred me here several years ago (5?). The color created for my hair is great. It is so close to my natural color, it does not make my hair feel dry. I receive many compliments on my hair – especially the cut. I have sent several friends here and they are happy with their hair services! Thanks a Bunch!”

Pat C. Teacher Doylestown, Pa.


“Lucia fixed my color it looked great – I am a strong critic of my color & my hair is very long & thick so it is not easy. She knew what I wanted and exceeded my expectations. Thanks for a Great Experience.”

Jennifer C. Business Manager Brookhaven, Pa.


“I have been getting foil highlights and coloring my hair blond for over 10 years now, I recently had a caviar conditioning treatment done, and eliminated most of my breakage in the past few months. For The first time in months my hair has kept that healthy just cut look for three-month’s time. I highly recommend this treatment. Thank you, David Velasco Salon!”

Tracy R. Sales rep. Philadelphia, Pa.


“I heard of D.V.S. Ltd. from my sister. We travel together and love the way we look when we leave D.V.S. Ltd. The highlights are so natural… I love it!”

Jennifer R. Mom Maywood, Nj.


“I discovered David after asking several women who had phenomenal haircuts/styles just who their hair stylist was. This was many years ago and I am still delighted with the amazing flair and expertise of David and his group.

My hair is very thick and somewhat coarse – a trait that was passed onto my daughters. They also share both my experiences and delight with the Velasco Salon. We have even brought both grandmothers for the wonderful cuts and styles. I am amazed how many women I know who frequent the Velasco Salon – but I am not surprised! They are the best!”

“For the last 5 years I have been getting my hair cut by a friend of my mom’s and having to go to his house to get it done felt like going to the dentist. He always cut it at least five inches shorter than what we had agreed on and every new style I tried to get him to do looked exactly the same. Today was my first hair cut here and I love it. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t want to cry after a haircut. My friend Megan has been coming here for years and gave me a gold card the other day, wearing a great haircut is a great experience. I’m happy I listened to her.”

Steph S. Doylestown, Pa.


Here is a poem about DVS:

“A family of four thick haired girls, With slight waves to a head full of curls.

One by one they come to Velasco Salon, For that perfect cut that goes on and on.

They sit in the chair with no second guesses, As great care is given to their crown of tresses. Again and again, they come as a family affair, For the expertise, pleasure and amazing cuts of hair.

We give our thanks to all on the Salon team For giving these girls a cut and style that adds to their self esteem.”

Joan, Doylestown, Pa.